April Fools – A Couple Days Later

I didn’t have any great April Fool’s jokes this year so I wanted to see what others in the travel arena had to say. Here are a few that brought some chuckles.

Leading off the pack was Sir Richard Branson. His blog featured a story about the world’s first glass-bottomed aircraft. Yes, Virgin Atlantic passengers will be able to enjoy seeing the ground below them as they scan the friendly skies.

Rick Ingersoll is known to many as the Frugal Travel Guy. He is all about churning credit cards (in an ethical and smart way) and other ways to maximize points and miles. On April 1st, he let in a guest blogger. The title: “FrugalTravelGuy Swears Off Credit Cards”. Anyone that knows Rick would immediately recognize this as an April Fool’s joke but kudos to Howie for writing a clever blog.

And finally, my Orlando-area neighbor Christopher Elliott. As many of you may know, saying Chris does not think much of frequent flier programs is a major understatement. His main site contains numerous posts about his disdain for these programs and always brings comments pushing back. Much to my surprise, he came out with this very funny blog hailing the new United Airlines SuperElite Level called Global Services Plus. Reading this, you would think he was a regular on milepoint or FlyerTalk with some of his slang.

But of course, it was all in jest. Well, not quite all of it. He did say, “If only I could get a blog on Boarding Area, my life would be complete.”

Chris, let me be the first to welcome you to Boarding Area. I can’t wait to read your insightful comments about how to maximize miles, points, elite status, and getting the most from loyalty programs.

Sorry Chris … that’s my lone April Fool’s joke this year.



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