Health, Fitness and Travel CAN Work! A Traveler’s Fitness Plan

Since travel is such a focus of my life and getting healthy and fit are as well,  I am sharing my real-life opportunities and challenges of weight loss on the road in a “Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan” series.  If I can get more fit with this busy travel schedule, almost anyone can!

Here’s my schedule for the next 42 days leading up to Memorial Day Weekend:

16.April – 29.April  Traveling to Hong Kong,, 2 days in Hong Kong, departing Friday for a Princess 7-day cruise to China and Japan; 2 days in Tokyo; fly home

30.April Home

01-08-May Travel to Norway; client work

09-12-May Travel to Colorado Springs for BoardingArea conference

12-17May Travel back to Norway; more client work; travel home

18-20-May Home

21-23 May Houston

24-27 May Home

With 34 of the 42 days being on the road (most of it international), it’s enough to make me groan when I consider my fitness goals! Of these 34 days of travel, I have 6 international flights of two or three legs and 2 domestic flights.  All 34 nights will be spent in a hotel or on a cruise ship. Weight loss? Can I do this with a cruise and so many international flights?

I am sure going to give it my best! And I’m sharing with you how it’s going.

I hope that information I share helps you or someone you know with healthy living on the road with info on:

Healthy in-flight eating and drinking

Getting your zzzzz’s while flying

Airport healthy eats

Foods fit for travel

Hotel dining

Hotel in-room workouts

Best of hotel fitness ideas

Getting a restful night sleep in your hotel

Finding local fitness centers and coaches

De-stress your day

Tracking tools for food and fitness

Fitness clothes and shoes fit for a traveler

How to lose weight with wildly-crazy menopausal hormones traveling along

And much more…

For my first several days of travel and healthy eating, see:

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  1. Keep it simple: more out than in; always take the stairs; walk if it’s less than a mile or two; if you relax by reading or watching vids, do it on a stationary bike. Good luck, you’ll do fine. I actually find it easier to stay fit when travelling because you’re not stealing time from all of home-life’s obligations (chores, family, etc.).

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