United Airlines Now Offering MileagePlus Small Business Network

Yesterday, United Airlines announced a new benefit for small businesses. Called MileagePlus Small Business Network (MPSBN), basically it means that if you are part of a qualifying small business in the United States, you can earn MP miles not only as passengers but also earn miles for your business. Not sure why United calls this “the first U.S. travel loyalty program that enables businesses to earn and redeem miles.” Delta Air Lines, for example, has had a similar program called SkyBonus for years. American Airlines has Business ExtrAA.com.

United Small Business Network

Presumably United’s distinction is that it expands their loyalty program benefits beyond just flying. MPSBN allows businesses to earn miles from vendor partners for things like printing, shipping, office supplies, etc. With a nominal first transaction, you can also earn a 1,000 mile bonus. This can be a great program for small business fliers since it costs nothing to register and the benefits will only get better as more vendors join the program. Earned miles can be used for everything from purchasing award tickets to upgrades to goods and services. All upside here.

Check out the new program and benefits – as well as participating vendors – here. As always, check the rules carefully. Unfortunately this link is only to the general MP rules but hopefully United will change this to explain in more detail just what a business needs to do to qualify. At this time it looks like virtually any business meets their definition.


  1. I am not sure what is offered here thst I don’t get from Chase UR already. Better deals on purchasing United tickets would be more useful.wierd

  2. They are the first to offer a benefit in this manner; it has absolutely nothing to do with earning based on travel. It is simply an online “shopping mall” option where the points can be earnt in a common account which belong to the company rather than to an individual. Neither SkyBonus nor Business ExtrAA are like this at all. Similarly, both the old and new PerkPass programs are not nor was Continental’s old RewardOne program.

    The implementation is as most UA technology projects are of late – half-assed and confusing.

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