Delta’s Heavenly Bed Tested on the Ground

Ahhhh is all I can say about Westin’s Heavenly In-Flight bedding now available in Delta BusinessElite®. I had the chance to try out this bedding and I felt like Goldilocks who had just found her great bed. Unfortunately this test wasn’t aboard a long-haul flight flying at 35,000 feet to Hong Kong or Sydney or even San Francisco, but rather just a test at ground level while at the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) convention in San Diego. After walking the conference floor over a few days, it was a wonderful experience to put my feet up and relax in this very, very comfortable seat/bed. I look forward to the opportunity to enjoy this bedding up in the air on a future flight.

Delta Westin Heavenly Bed

Delta began offering Westin’s Heavenly In-Flight bedding this summer (June 2013) on all BusinessElite international flights as well as U.S. transcontinental flights between JFK and the west coast, and between Atlanta and Honolulu.

The Westin Heavenly pillow was just that – heavenly. The comforter was thick and soft, yet not too heavy. I have no trouble believing that after a nice dinner with a glass of wine or two, I’d be soon fast asleep in this comfort. The small cup of tea with a scone while relaxing in comfort were gone too soon and I had to let others try out the bedding.

Westin’s Heavenly beds have a great reputation amongst my traveling friends, so this seems smart to partner with an airline to bring more comfort to the skies on long flights.

Have you had the opportunity to experience Delta’s Heavenly bedding yet? Is it as good as my quick test seems to be?


  1. I flew in this seat JFK-LAX last week and it was great! ‘A’ must enjoy the inferior service and chronic delays/mechanical issues on UA ;).

  2. Was on the mother of long haul flights this summer – ATL – JNB- ATL. If heaven is like what was provided on board , I will take seat 1A. Very comfy and correctly sized.

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