In My Bag This Week: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste, AlternaVites and Homemade Moisturizer

New items are traveling with me this week – items you may want to toss into your luggage on your next trip:


Tom’s of Maine; finally, a toothpaste tube that will last more than just a few days! Tom’s natural toothpaste comes in a TSA-friendly 3 ounce size, so much larger than the typical .75 to .85 ounce travel size toothpaste. This tube is now with me for the fourth week and still has enough for several more days. It has a nice minty taste with no artificial ingredients and 10% of Tom’s of Maine’s profits go back to human and environmental goodness. This is all great, though the size of the tube is what makes me happy. It’s the first time I’ve been excited over toothpaste since … hmmm, this is the first time! Find Tom’s Toothpaste at Whole Foods, $2.99 for the 3 oz. size. Tom’s of Maine sent me this first tube to try out, and I am definitely heading to Whole Foods for more!

Do you travel with your vitamins? I never did during my first several years of business travel. Why? Because I couldn’t swallow pills. While desperately sick with a horrible winter flu on one trip, I got so desperate for vitamins and cold tablets that I finally figured out how to get them down by using a straw in my drink. I wish AlternaVites multivitamin and minerals had existed then. AlternaVites are a perfect alternative if you are challenged (as I was for so many years) with swallowing pills. It’s also great if you want to get vitamins into you though water isn’t readily available. In a small toss-into-your-bag size, it is perfect for us travelers. Just open, pour onto your tongue and swallow. Or mix into yogurt or just lick it off of a spoon. The taste is ok and more importantly, the vitamins and minerals included meet or exceed the recommended daily value. There is someone in my family who struggles with swallowing pills so this is a perfect solution! I found a 30-stick box (enough for a month) at Walgreens for $29.99 and a kids’ version is also available.


I love being in my kitchen and have fun coming up with facial, skin and hair products that are travel friendly. My latest concoction: Homemade night-time moisturizer. Great for both face and skin, I mixed equal parts of these five oils into a small jar: jojoba, avocado, olive, sesame & safflower. This is great for relieving dry traveling skin, has a really great scent … it’s just plane (pun intended) great!

I am always looking for new products to try and potions to concoct to help enhance the travel experience. I’ll share more as new items get tossed into my travel bag.

If you have a favorite travel product, do share!

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