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One Simple Tip for Your Next Taxi Ride

If you leave an item behind on an airplane, you have your flight number to refer back to. If you leave an item in a rental car, you have your rental agreement number to refer back to. If you leave an item in a taxi, you have the … hmmm, what do you have?

You may have a generic paper receipt with just a taxi company’s name. You may have a credit card receipt with no identifying taxi information at all. You may have nothing if you paid cash and received no receipt.

Look at the number of items left behind in taxis just in Miami – and just from those people who found this website and are hoping to reclaim their items!


To prevent going through the agony of trying to find your phone, glasses or other valuable left behind in a taxi, take this one preventative step that is so simple: Get the taxi number!

TaxiCabWhether it is the taxi driver’s name or permit number, the taxi number or the license plate number, get something!

It only takes a second to snap a photo or write down this information and it can save so much effort and heartache later.

Obviously take steps to prevent leaving an item behind to begin with (count your bags, ensure your phone, wallet and glasses are with you), though do take this one quick and easy measure to have a backup plan in case anything does get left behind.

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