Weekly Link Roundup

Short and sweet, here is a roundup of this week’s links to news and resources to help enhance your travels:


Many of us live on Google and use the search methods that we’ve become familiar with. There are so many ways to search within Google to have the results zoom in on exactly what we need, or to get much closer than just using a general search. This article by LifeHacker offers Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks and can help you be more productive. The comments on this post offer even more tips for Google searching.


If you like thrill rides, you’ll probably like flying into one of these 10 ‘most thrilling’ airports.


Spa customs differ around the world as I definitely learned with this embarrassing event. Here’s an explanation on why we can’t throw off the covers during a massage in the U.S (and other global spa customs) by About.com.


Two apps that provide packing checklists:
Packing List for Android
Packing Pro for iOS.
*Travel Tip!* Just as helpful as a packing checklist is before you travel, also have a pack-up checklist for use when packing up your hotel room so you don’t leave your phone charger, passport or other valuables behind.

Travel News

We use our mobile phones for so much these days, but booking air travel still isn’t one of them. According to this article on Business Travel News, 84% of respondents carry a smartphone though only 5% of us book our airline tickets on it. Now if Siri could be instructed to help out here (accurately returning the best possible fare on the best schedule, along with getting us on the first-class upgrade list), then I think we’d see this number skyrocket. Until then, I’m sticking with my laptop or iPad for booking.

Travel Resource:

Looking for information on a city or country you’re traveling to? The Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory has links to over 1,400 tourism offices worldwide.


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