Update: Those Phony US Airlines Letters

A few months ago I wrote about these letters that most of us have received in the mail. You know, the ones that tell you about earning free travel with US Airlines or maybe Delta SkyMarbles or something. Of course, at best they are misleading and at worst they are fraudulent. Incredibly, no one – not the airlines, the postal service, any attorney general’s office – has attempted to find out who these people are. Kudos to Jeremy Jojola from 9Wants To Know in Denver, for finally revealing the source of these letters.

Actually the story was reported a week earlier. If the video fails in the link above, try this one. It is simply amazing that this company – hiding behind many corporate layers – is able to continue with their marketing scheme (really should be scam, not scheme) without anyone shutting them down. Well, the Better Business Bureau did make some adjustments since the claimed A+ BBB rating was extremely misleading. Beyond that, it looks like the government believes this is appropriate for caveat emptor.

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