My Cruise ‘Office’ for the Day

Looking out a big window overlooking the sea while in a nice business class seat — not a bad place to ‘office’ for the day. I’m on a multi-week client trip in the south of Norway in the dead of January and wanted a way to see more of the area yet still get some writing done. Oh, and not freeze to death. Solution? A mini-cruise from Kristiansand, Norway to Hirtshals, Denmark on ColorLine Cruises.

ColorLine Cruise

KRS to Hirtshals Denmark

A smooth 3 hour, 15 minute ride each way made for a very nice way to spend the day. My business class ticket included wifi, power outlets, coffee and snacks and an very quiet, almost empty business class area. It could only have been more perfect had the temperature been quadrupled so I could have been on the deck enjoying the sea air.

ColorLine business class

The fishing and ferry town of Hirtshals, Denmark has a population of about 6,000 people. A tourist destination it’s really not. It is primarily a destination for Norwegians looking to bring lower taxed items (namely liquor and cigarettes) back into Norway.

Hirtshal Denmark

Trains and buses (depending on the time of year) take tourists interested in more extensive shopping areas to nearby towns such as Skagen, Denmark.

I decided to pass on shopping and instead take the return trip right back to Kristiansand so I could enjoy the view in the daylight. The cruise departed this morning while it was still dark outside; I did’t want to be returning in the dark again on a later ship.

All in all, a very nice way to ‘office’ for a day in the warmth of my business class seat.


  1. Carol, next time forget about work and Explore Jylland. Small towns, fantastick art galleries, the most incredible light. In addition to cheap booze, siggs and meat. Enjoy Lønstrup as well as Skagen:)
    Signy – from a hammock in Brazil 🙂

  2. Hi Signy – Next time I’m in Kristiansand, I will definitely explore Jylland, Lønstrup and/or Skagen! Maybe I just come back for all vacation and no work! Though I have a feeling I’ll be back to Norway this year for more work.

    Enjoy Brazil. The snow keeps falling in Norway so stay on your hammock as long as you can!


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