Productivity Hacks in Your Travels

When I read 11 Extremely Successful People Share Their Best Productivity Hacks, I couldn’t help but think of us travelers, especially with the lead-off hack by Richard Branson (take care of your eyes). While his tip is definitely important, I zoomed to the others to see how they would be travel-relevant.

Here are several productivity hacks that may help you get more out of your travels:

Skillful delegation is the most powerful productivity hack

Start by delegating the booking of your travel, especially when complicated itineraries are involved. If you do not use a corporate booking tool, there are travel agents that charge a flat fee to book your airline and hotel reservations. Yes, I hate paying a fee for this when I know the tools and tricks for booking tickets, but for the itineraries that could use up a lot of your valuable time, the fee can be more than worth it. I’d like to delegate my unpacking, too. Know of any hotels that offer an unpacking service?

Read more by reading less

I scan newspapers daily to keep up with the news and usually find the first couple of paragraphs give me enough of the details and I can skip the rest. An old teacher also told me that you could get the entire story from a newspaper by just reading the first and last paragraph.

You get the most work done when everyone else is sleeping

This applies during my long international travels. After a meal is served, when things quiet down, I get my laptop out and get some of my best work done. I also shoot for 30 to 60 minutes of productive planning time each morning with my first cup of coffee, before the rush of getting to work or tackling the chores.

Turn your computer into a typewriter when you need to get real work done

Oh, how well I can relate to this! I must, must, must turn off wi-fi when focus is what is needed. The little envelope that pops up showing me I have an email is distracts me every time. I’m going to try the app mentioned, Freedom, which shuts off internet connectivity for a set period of time.

Always get the airline app

‘Nuf said.

Eliminate business travel

Never! While I do envy him sleeping in his own bed every night, I think my spirit would die if I stopped my business travels. I am home for a week soon so that will be a good test of productivity with no travel.

If I added my own productivity hack, it would be to ask for a shut-down call from the front desk.

Have anything to add to these productivity hacks that’s worked for you?


  1. I love the idea of turning your laptop into a typewriter. We are so used to being interrupted so often that we forget what it is like to devote your entire attention to something.

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