Weekly Travel Roundup

Here are several news items from the travel world this week.

The Most Ridiculous Things That Happened in Air Travel in 2013

The Huffington Post run down all of the “Did you hear about …?” stories that you might have missed in 2013, from U.S. Airways kicking a blind man off of a flight to Richard Branson dressing up as a flight attendant.

Airline Industry Marks 100 Years of Commercial Air Travel

Wednesday marks the 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight: a 23-minute hop across Florida’s Tampa Bay. The St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line was subsidized by St. Petersburg officials who wanted more winter tourists in their city. The alternative: an 11-hour train ride from Tampa.

Ten Reasons to Travel in January

The Telegraph’s Travel department give you ten reasons to visit ten destinations this month. While I’m in Norway this month, I may make it up to the Northern Lights Festival!

50 States, 50 Spots for 2014

If you’re traveling the States this year, CNN has a list of 50 things to try out in each State. While I will disagree with their Florida selection (this state has more than just theme parks!), there are some great suggestions on their list.

Oh, the places we’ve gone: A road-warrior nostalgia fix

An interesting look-back by Joe Brancatelli makes you realize that what seems new in the travel world today is really a case of same, same, not much different. The links included are definitely worth checking out, especially airline history site airchive.com.

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