The Ever Versatile Hotel Shower Cap

Whenever I stay at hotels that offer shower caps as an amenity, I grab them. They weigh virtually nothing and take up no room. There are many travel uses for shower caps but here are a few besides the obvious use of a cap when showering:

ShowercapShoe covers. Cover your shoes with them to protect everything else in your bag.

Electronics covers. Okay, this only works for smaller items but they work well.

Makeup wrap. While they are not waterproof or even leak proof, shower caps are still helpful to wrap up makeup items to prevent contact with clothing.

Food wrap. Easy way to keep all your food like snack bars in one place.

General organizer. For example, one can be used for business cards, another for presentation materials, and a third one for jewelry.

Of course, shower caps don’t last forever and not all hotels offer this amenity. That’s why I said at the top that I grab them whenever possible. They can be one of your best travel companions.


  1. Dirty socks, undies, tights can also tuck in nicely to a shower cap. A rubber band around snacks as you nmentioned really works well too!

  2. and at home they are useful to cover hair when painting ceilings, dusting high light fittings or cleaning those awful rafters in the garage.

  3. It’s not a shower, but I use it on my head for my ‘mayo-conditioner’ soak. Every couple of months I glob mayonnaise all over my wet hair and let it soak for an hour.

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