Valentine’s Day Flight from Hell

As a very frequent traveler, I’ve learned to accept (tolerate is probably the better word) flight delays, missed connections, smelly seat mates and a host of other travel issues. Each week I love walking down the jetway to begin another trip, even after 25+ years of business travel. But the issue experienced by these Ryanair passengers on February 14th, the international day of love, was anything beyond what a human being should have to endure.

Imagine being stuck on a plane – for hours and hours. The airport is closed. You’re totally helpless, trapped and so full of rage that’s just ready to explode. Police are called in. They break into the airport. Yes, that’s what these passengers had to endure, on the night that should be all about love.


  1. I would have declared a “passenger emergency” and open the emergency doors and slides and evacuated the aircraft!!

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