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Do you have a favorite travel food? A dish or snack that has no equivalent back home? I certainly do, and I’d like to share it with you with a giveaway!

Traveling through Chicago’s O’Hare, you may have noticed a long line of people buying popcorn in Terminal B. But they’re not just buying any popcorn – they’re in line for Garrett Popcorn – the world’s best, in my humble opinion.

The Chicago Mix” (half CaramelCrisp®, half CheeseCorn™) is my all-time favorite. I don’t dare fly through the United terminal at ORD without bringing a bag home for everyone in my family.

Garrett Popcorn used to only be available in Chicago. On weekends when I was home in-between my business travels, I would take the El downtown to State Street with my two kids, buy a big bag of Chicago Mix and walk around downtown, all of us with sticky yellow fingers. Then we’d take the train up to O’Hare and watch the planes take off. Garrett Popcorn has been part of my travel for a lot of years!

Garrett Popcorn can now be found the world over and we’d like to share a can with you! Visit our Sweepstakes page to enter for a chance to win a 2 gallon Garrett Signature Blue tin full of that Chicago Mix I was telling you about.

If you’ve ever had Garrett Popcorn, you know what a great prize this is! And if you’ve never had the Garrett experience, now’s your opportunity to win a can of my favorite popcorn.

The giveaway ends at midnight EST on April 11, 2014. Enter to win today!


  1. I like you do the same every time I travel through O’Hare. unfortunately I end up throwing the bag out by the time my plane has landed, finishing the entire tin during the flight. Good stuff!

  2. I so agree, Derek! I bought one bag to take to Europe. What I didn’t eat in-flight, I brought into the KLM Lounge, where outside food is prohibited. As (un)luck would have it, I spilled the end of the bag all over their carpet … hundreds of tiny popcorn pieces. And right at the morning rush when the lounge was packed! It wasn’t easy scooping these pieces up.

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