Weekly Travel Roundup

Here are some articles and links from around the travel world that came across my desk this week. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments, post them on our Facebook page or send them my way on Twitter.

CNN Celebrating 100 Years of Commercial Flight

Richard Quest and CNN celebrate 100 years of Commercial Flight with a week of articles and videos. Take a look at the history of air travel, major milestones along the way, and what the future has in store.

All By Myself

Richard Dunn spent the night at an empty McCarran International and did what anyone else would do – he made a music video for Celine Dion’s “All By Myself”. He did such a great job that Celine has invited him to be her guest next time he’s in Vegas.

Fliers check travel sites, then buy from airline sites

A recent survey found that many travelers search for flights using online travel search engines but wind up at the airlines own site when it comes to booking. While it’s still possible to find cheaper deals on the search engines and online travel agents, passengers like the assurance that comes with booking directly with the carrier.

Airlines Pursue Chinese Leisure Travelers With New U.S.-China Flights

Traveling between the States and China is getting easier. Airlines from both countries are adding routes to more cities to meet increased Chinese travel demand. Air China has added a route between Beijing and D.C., whereas you can now fly Seattle to Hong Kong on Delta, Dallas to Shanghai or Beijing on American, and San Francisco to Chengdu on United.

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