BAcon 2014 – Day 2 Honing Skills

Ack! I think my head exploded!

The first day of the second annual BAcon Conference had our blogger brains brimming by day end and day two was not about to let up.

Focus: Tips on writing better. Have our writing be found by more readers. Learn all the techy stuff that is behind the scenes of our printed words. Hone are skills.

Sounds easy, ay? Uh uh. Learning that JetPack is not what George Jetson donned in order to fly to work but rather a WordPress tool with a bazillion options that can change the look and feel of our blog was all great stuff, though I’m sure I saw a brain or two erupt in the conference room.

Having a speaker from Planet Google itself was cool. Google’s Krista Seiden gave us know-how about Google Analytics, at least as the tool exists today. You think the airlines change their programs a lot? Put them up against Google always changing its top-secret algorithms any day. BoardingArea’s own Jeffsetter then gave us even more great stuff to hone our Google Analytics skills. Our brains were smoking’!

On a serious note, attorney Jonathan Tubin addressed the important area of legal issues that bloggers never think about until it is too late. I don’t think you’d be interested to read “Cell Reviews” from our 6’x8’ steel-walled rooms, but I could be wrong.

Affiliate programs were discussed (and we know you love our disclosure). Randy brought in an excellent panel including Adam Allamar, Grieg Santos-Buch, and Jeremy Zafrios to teach us how to be on the up-and-up so that we’re fair-and-square with our readers.

BAcon Las Vegas

Perfect for the afternoon (I used to love sitting around a circle in kindergarten while Mrs. Clair told us stories), we had storytelling by Cindy Reed who offered excellent tips for writing posts that will keep you, Dear Reader, reading to the end. John Hawkins filled our brains more with his amazing know-how o Jetpack for WordPress.

So much learning, so many brains exploding – though all in a good way. Our skills are definitely honed but good!

For those who had enough energy remaining, Randy invited us to attend an evening with him on the 64th floor of the Delano Hotel for adult beverages (just to take care of any remaining brain cells we might have had).  Sponsored by Mlife and Hyatt Gold Passport, this was a fun time to once again spend time with our fellow bloggers and take in amazing views of Las Vegas.

Mix lounge Delano Las Vegas

Seriously, there was a Day 3?  After a bit of brain recovery mode.

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