Mars: The Ultimate Travel Destination?

We often talk about our travels on BoardingArea but they are so – Earthly. There are many wonderful things to see on our own planet but for out of this world travel, nothing beats solar travel.

I talked about one thing everyone can do, well if you have enough money, and another thing that will get you to Mars, well at least your name anyway, but what if you really could travel to Mars? What if you could be part of a group that will colonize the planet? That day may not be as far away as some believe.

This article cites a NASA-funded study discussing how a manned trip to Mars just might be possible. No, it won’t be anything like airline travel today. There will be no fights for upgrades, no flight attendants, no skinny seats, no wailing children. Fact is, you will be asleep almost all the time during the six-month journey through outer space. But the good news, you would be a Million Miler for sure since the two planets are 35-60 million miles apart depending on their elliptical rotations.

One of the quotes in the article caught my attention. With only one passenger awake at a time, “He could check emails.” Really, NASA has figured out how to get Wi-Fi to work 35,000,000 miles away when half the time it won’t work on a plane flying at only 36,000 feet above terra firma? Friends at GoGo, please take note of this.

The possibility of travel to another planet is fascinating. Hope I am around to see this venture even if I won’t be one of the first to experience it.

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