Tomorrow’s the Day: Alaska Airlines Contest

I alerted you to this contest earlier this week. This is your final reminder because it happens early tomorrow morning and the lucky winners will receive quite a prize.

Alaska Airlines (AS) is offering a Scavenger Hunt contest. Beginning at 6 am PT Friday morning, follow their clues on Twitter or Instagram to identify the five Keys to the Sky locations. They will give you five clues. The first people to identify each of the locations, go there, and say “Seattle’s Airline” to the AS rep is the winner. If you want to post your progress, the airline asks that you use the hashtag, #seattlesairline.

So what can you win? Well, first you receive two round-trip tickets from Alaska Air to any destination in North America. That means Hawaii and Mexico are included. But arguably the better prize is 30 minutes in their flight simulator. That’s more than enough time to practice your takeoff and landing, probably at the airport of your choice (well, as long as AS flies there).

The consolation prize for each runner-up isn’t so bad either. They will enjoy a trip aboard one of their delivery flights for the new 737’s arriving next year.

If there are downsides to this contest, it is that participants must be in the Seattle area at the time of the contest tomorrow. That is the only way you can find the AS reps at their locations. Also, the free airline tickets are from Seattle only and of course, the flight sim is based there as well. For some, that may mean flying to SEA but really, is this much of a problem to receive two free round-trip tickets and a whirl in their flight sim?

As always, read the rules very carefully. Unfortunately I won’t be in Seattle tomorrow to play this game but very best wishes to all readers who can.

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