The Ultimate Honeymoon – Hitting All 50 States

Some who visit BoardingArea travel for business, others for pleasure, but what if you could combine both? What if you could travel to all 50 states, visiting and working, on a honeymoon no less? Well, here’s a couple who is trying to do just that.

Their story may sound familiar to many readers. This is a 22-year-old couple that was kind of bored with their regular jobs and never been outside Texas. Ah, the quest for travel and eternal search for the meaning of life.

Applying 21st Century technology, their plan began with GoFundMe, following up with Snagajob. From there it mushroomed into “Hourly America” and a documentary of their travels (“finding meaning in your work”), picking up some income with freelance writing. Their journey began on June 1st and is expected to end just before Christmas.

People often tell me I am “lucky” because I travel all over the world. Truth is, luck has nothing to do with it. I do this because I choose to. I accept the pitfalls of travel because my focus is on a bigger picture but it began with a plan to match travel with my career path.

That’s exactly what this couple is doing, and living their dream. If you desire anything – travel or otherwise – create a plan and most important, follow through with it. Think about this and join me in wishing this newly married couple safe travels and a successful journey. You will never have it if you don’t try.


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