It’s Contest Time! Win a Delta Amenity Kit

How would you like a brand new, never opened Delta Tumi business class amenity kit?

Delta Amenity Kit

How to enter: All I ask from you is to leave a comment here telling me what you wish I would write about.

It’s that simple.

Entry to the contest will end on Thursday, November 6, 2014, at midnight Eastern time. One entry per person please, U.S. mailing addresses only.

The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Friday, November 7, 2014. The winner will need to provide their name and address for shipping.

Good luck to everyone, and safe travels.



  1. It’d be great if you could write a post on how to juggle hotel and airlines rewards programs for business travelers. For example, how long to stay with one before switching to another, which promos to make sure you switch for, when do you stop going for the next elite level on one program and diversify, etc.


  2. Tips for international hotels please, customs outside the US that domestic travelers are not prepared for.

  3. How you choose which seat to sit in while flying long haul flights. It is something so simple, but on larger planes, it is tricky for me. Do I want to move for others, do I want to make others move? Sitting in the middles sections makes me move less, but then I can’t see out the window… Makes my head hurt.

  4. Trip reports that include more of what the destination offers and less of what so many bloggers write (namely airplane seats, hotel rooms, club lounges)

  5. I would LOVE to know if you’ve kept track of where you’ve been/stayed and if you recommend some sort of website/application to do so. I’d love to keep track of all the places and cities I’ve been to, and see at a glance where I haven’t. Sort of a virtual map+push pin deal. Thanks!

  6. Hi girl, thanks for the giveaway. I’d personally would like to see more trip reports. I love reading about flying experiences. And don’t be afraid to post about economy class products. Those are insightful too. 🙂

  7. I would love to read more about keeping up with home base activities while traveling frequently. How do you keep up with snail mail, voting, deciding on a permanent residence?

  8. Love features about using frequent flyer miles in unexpected ways (e.g., one ways, distance-based deals, strategic use of partners, etc.).

  9. I love trip reports! What you’d recommend in terms of food/sight seeing and just overall experiences. I’d also love reviews of all aircraft lines (not just business/first but also your coach experiences. Thanks!

  10. keep up the good work! I enjoy what you write about all along, especially those flight reviews.

  11. HI Carol,
    Love your blog. I have been traveling for about a year now, and wonder if there is anything you are aware of that can facilitate a way for us traveling girls to get together every now and then in the major cities, US and EMEA? I would love to have dinner with a group of ladies who travel for work. I don’t mind eating alone anymore but I think it would be a hoot to share a meal with other female travelers. Any thoughts?

  12. Please write about your experiences when you have had flight delays and weather problems. I worry about knowing how to handle those emergencies!

  13. Please tell me how to successfully use miles for upgrades (where it doesn’t cost and arm and a leg to purchase the initial ticket, thereby negating the savings).

  14. I would love to see some strategies on earning and redeeming Aeromexico miles. This is a highly under reported on program in the Boarding Area blogosphere.

  15. I’d request you to share tips on best usage of companion tickets or passes! Points are great but everyone usually wants a companion to fly with them!

  16. It’s always good to have an in-depth on traveler’s kit – from luggage choices to technology – packing strategies/products – (do those cubes really help?!) – I love hearing how other road warriors optimize/cope/etc with their travels.

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