Hotel ‘Sharia’ Banning Same-Sex Guests?

In a story that floated around late last week just as the weekend was about to get underway, The Daily Mail in the UK reported that the Bermondsey Hotel in London was suddenly banning pork and alcohol at their property, “in accordance with Sharia law.” That led to the inevitable questions regarding a similar policy for same-sex couples. After all, Sharia Law and all that.

Not so, said the Huffington Post. The hotel will accept gay guests but they are holding firm on the pork and alcohol ban.

Having been to the Middle East, policies like this are not uncommon. The difference is they are hotels located in the Middle East, not London. If you are a person who feels more comfortable in a hotel that does not serve pork and alcohol, you now have that option.

Will this policy change affect their business? Probably. Really won’t impact me because there are many other hotels in London that I prefer staying at. For those who don’t like this policy, do the same.







  1. Banning booze and pork is acceptable but as the article notes, based on the 2010 English Equality Act, prohibiting same sex couples is not allowed. One can only assume they would prefer to ban same sex couples but if they did so the owners would soon find themselves without a hotel to run due to their legal troubles.

  2. Although same-sex couples may not be legally discriminated against in terms of lodging, it remains to be seen whether they will be given unfavorable accommodations should they decide to same at the hotel. Have the owners instructed management to tell same-sex couples that the hotel is a full occupancy or will they be given the crappy rooms etc. I certainly would hope this won’t be the same but one has to wonder…

  3. So why are some hotels not allowing the Bible to be kept in the nightstand? I thought you were supposed to cater to the multicultural society – not one sector. Is no pork and alcohol multicultural?

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