Pandora’s Box Can Never be Closed Again

My ears are tuned to the conversation at the next table in the JW Marriott lounge in Rio de Janeiro. The topics being discussed by this group of seven is reaching the very core of my soul. As I hear their words of Singapore, China, Argentina, Brazil, consulates, cultures and more in their casual business conversation, I stop what I’m doing to stare out the window at Copacabana Beach.

View from the JW Marriott in Copacabana Beach

View from the JW Marriott in Copacabana Beach

What would life by like if my travels stopped tomorrow? I feel a vice around my heart just thinking this thought.

When I first started traveling for business almost 30 years ago, it was to the outskirts of my then-home city of Chicago (Aurora, IL was out in Timbuktu back in the 80’s). Then my business travels took me to several provinces in Canada, the Virgin Islands, as well as many states in the U.S. No passport was needed back then to go these places outside of the U.S.

Since then, I have traveled to all 50 states in the U.S. I have friends throughout the country (and now the world).

The opportunities to speak internationally then started occurring so in 2006 I finally applied a passport.

Pandora’s Box was opened.

Since then, I have traveled all over the world. I think nothing of traveling to Sydney or Hong Kong for a long weekend if I find a great airfare or to meet my husband for an anniversary dinner if he is in China for our businesses. Sure, an upgrade to business or first class is fabulous though an economy seat is survivable, too. As I write this, I am overlooking one of the most famous beaches in the world on my third trip in the past year to Rio.

So to hear the words of these lounge-goers at the next table is music to my ears, food for my soul.

To imagine no more travel — well, just say goodbye to my spirit right now. There is no chance of closing Pandora’s Box.

No matter how many flight delays, upgrades not received, crazy taxi drivers etc., I never want my wings clipped.

How about you? What would be your thoughts if overhearing this conversation of travel around the world?

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