Uber Kicked Out of Nevada – Again!

Not sure how the Las Vegas odds makers set this but it has been quite the Uber story. Only one day after I wrote this article noting that Uber was not in Las Vegas, their cars were all over the Strip. Of course, I then wrote a follow up post but by the time it was going to print one day later, Uber had been kicked out of Vegas. Uber ended up back in Las Vegas and around the state of Nevada for a while, waiting for a court injunction hearing to address their concerns.Uber

They had their hearing and once again, Uber was kicked out of the state. The judge had some kind words for Uber but in the end, he decided to err on the side of safety, or at least that’s what he said: “I’m not going to risk the safety of the public.” Whatever that means.

Only a week earlier, Uber had much more success in the state of Pennsylvania.

So, Uber in Vegas has been out, then in, then out, then in again, then kicked out. Anyone know the over/under on Uber getting back into Las Vegas?

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