Uber Starting Orlando-Tampa Service

In a break from tradition, tech company Uber announced they will be offering long-distance service between Orlando and Tampa. Having driven this myself many times, it takes anywhere from about 90 minutes to two hours depending on where you start and where you end.

HighwayThe new service, called UberHighway, costs $99 each way for up to four people. It makes no economic sense for one person but it is a reasonable deal for four. Presumably they will pick you up and drop you off at sites you desire. Alternatively, UberHighway offers service for up to six people for $149.

By comparison, a single person can take a Greyhound bus between the two cities for as little as $15. However, you have to begin and end at their station stops.

I would definitely love having someone else do the driving on my routine trips to Tampa, Though $198 round-trip? Time to round up friends to share the ride!


  1. I would pay the money in order to avoid driving interstate 4. I hate that highway. I normally drove back roads from Mount Dora to Tampa when I lived there. But I hate interstate highway driving period….the semi’s irritate me big time.

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