Venice Banning Wheeled Luggage – Fact or Fiction?

It is being widely reported today that beginning next May, Venice will ban the use of wheeled luggage. While this article mentions that the wheels tear up the walkways, the bigger problem really is the noise. It is not unusual to hear the bags rolling at all hours of the day and night due to late arrivals and departures. According to news sources, the new lawbreakers will face a shocking fine of 500 euros.

But is this even true?Venice

According to at least one source, this is actually just a rumor, not a fact.

What’s interesting to me is that two opposite sources refer to Venetian City Commissioner Victor Zapparlorto in different contexts. CNN, for example, gives him credit for designing new rules for air-filled tires and at least by association, was responsible for creating the rules and fines related to the wheeled luggage.

The source saying this is just a rumor refers to Zapparlorto in quotes, noting that he said, “I want to most firmly deny that the Municipality of Venice has ever thought of banning (wheeled suitcases) in the historic centre.”

Okay, whatever. This is the internet so maybe both are correct.


  1. The thought of the Italian legal system being able to process this sort of huge enforcement scheme is comical. If someone can’t pay are they going to arrest them, then revoke their passport and not let them leave Italy until they pay. The Italian legal system is already so behind it has been referred to the EU court on human right almost as much as the Turkish legal system. Except, the Italians don’t torture you they just make you wait three years for a hearing.

    Im guessing if this went into effect it would just be a cash cow for corrupt cops. The actual paperwork and legal process would be far to complicated.

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