31 Construction Mistakes – Hilarious!

Taking a little lighthearted break from all things travel, I found this article online about construction mistakes. Some of them are travel-related but all of them are hilarious. You just have to wonder what these designers and contractors where thinking.

Sorry that the link includes ads but if you can get past that and keep looking, it is worth it.

And here is a personal pet-peeve of hotel bathroom construction mistakes — a shower door that opens in. This is at a Sheraton Four Points in Brazil which I have been at all this week. You have to get all the way into the shower before you can turn on the water; then get splashed with ice cold water until the water warms up. The poor maids who have to clean these every day! Who designed this??

Shower Door bad design

What have you seen in your travels that got you shaking your head and wondering “Who designed this??”


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