What Do You Collect on Your Travels?

Ornaments, magnets, postcards, spoons, shot glasses, maps, coffee mugs – whatever it is that appeals to you, create a habit of always bringing home a “special something” that can instantly bring back your great memories of your travels around the country or around the world. Many travel souvenirs cost little in money though return value over and over again as you fondly recall a city, a beach, foods, time with family and friends.
Souvenier Ornaments

When I reached my 50th U.S. state in the Summer of 2012, I was ecstatic to have visited each and every state. Though it was also bittersweet because I do not have mementos or souvenirs from each of the states.

So wherever your travels may take you, bring back that special keepsake that will keep each trip alive in your mind forever.

What are your favorite mementos to bring home from a trip? Obviously from the photo, Christmas tree ornaments are a fav of mine.



  1. If it’s a family trip, we always pick up a Christmas ornament. I usually try to pick up a coffee mug as well, for all of my travels.

  2. Bruce and I also pick up coffee mugs — and it’s looking like time to expand the kitchen cabinets! We have had to curtail the coffee mugs lately as there just isn’t enough room for all of them.

  3. I do not collect anything. I collected one of a kind Christmas ornaments for years. When it got to the point I had to put up two trees in order to use them all. I decided ENOUGH! Now I only put up a four foot tree….instead of two almost ten footers. I still have all the ornaments but will be going through them to purge when my house sells.
    I’m not planning on putting a tree up this year. Can’t carry everything up from the basement.

  4. Lanyards and coins. Had a coat stand at the office with a few hundred lanyards from places travelled hanging from it and a fishbowl filled with currency from every country visited.

  5. Wow, you must have amazing memories as you look at all those ornaments! Two 10′ trees to hold them all is crazy, and all the effort to put them on and take them off. I hope they go to someone who will really appreciate them when you’re ready to start clearing them out.

  6. I collect patches for a travel bag. My husband collects shot glasses, caps, and tshirts from each place we’ve been. My bag is almost completely covered…so not sure what to do after it’s full 🙂

  7. I collect full glass coke bottles from around the world. My son collects decks of cards.

  8. Consider your memories and photographs your mementos and souvenirs from each of the 50 states.

    Take it from someone who has been to all 50 states himself…

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