My Husband Needs a Better Pickup Line

I wrote before how my husband and I say hello/goodbye in some of the strangest places. Recently we had another one.

He was returning home from a trip as I was about to begin one. Well actually, he returned in the evening and I was heading out on a 6:30 am flight the next morning. Rather than get up at 3:30 in the morning for my flight, I decided to stay at the Orlando airport Hyatt hotel overnight.

Now we had an unusual situation. I am alone at a hotel in the evening and my husband’s flight was arriving around 8 pm. I don’t know, maybe it’s a guy thing but he wanted to try to pick me up at the hotel bar. Oh jeez, that meant doing my hair and not just quickly escaping to my hotel room with my hair up in a headband.

Okay, so I took my place at the bar and he gave it his best shot. In fairness, the last time we tried something similar, I was a young hottie (in his words, not mine) and he didn’t have any gray hair. In other words, we were many years younger so more than a little out of practice IMG_0325.

But that didn’t stop my beloved road warrior. First he tried the old standby, “Soooooo, you come here often?” Sorry, that didn’t get the butterflies moving inside me. In fact, I really hate that line! (Hear that, Dear??)

Then he tried to impress me with his airline and hotel elite status. It was like that scene in the movie, Up in the Air, with my self-described George Clooney double of a husband slapping his status cards on the table and challenging me to do the same. It’s just not the same as in the movie when all my card numbers are stored in an app vs. having the actual cards in my wallet.

After more spurns and a lot of eye-rolling on my part, he finally relented and did all he had to do in the first place. He gave me a hug, said he loved me, and wished me safe travels on my journey. This was the same thing we have done thousands of times during our marriage and you know something, it never gets old.

Though it actually was fun hanging out at the hotel bar waiting for my good-looking guy to appear. I think I need to do this more often.






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