Single Women Getting ‘Married’ in Japan

Okay, you are not married – maybe never want to be – but what if you could have an imaginary wedding just for fun? That’s what one enterprising tour group is offering for women in Japan.

This tour is the brain child of Cerca Travel in Kyoto. While they offer many tour packages in this beautiful city, the one called Kyoto Solo Wedding really caught my attention. No, I am happily married but I can see the appeal of this to both unmarried and married women.

Kyoto Golden Palace This two-day package includes choosing a traditional wedding dress or for even more fun, a bridal kimono styled from centuries ago. Of course, hair styling and makeup are included in the price. The tour also includes many options such as a stand-in husband if you like and probably my favorite, a spa treatment. Also part of the package is one night’s accommodations in Kyoto.


This fun tour package is not cheap, priced at the U.S. equivalent of around $2,500 and up depending on season and options selected. But hey, that’s a lot less expensive than most weddings back home. For some women, the best part may be having a beautiful wedding without the need to really get married.


Whatever the motivation, I would consider doing this next time I am back in Kyoto, a city better known for its many stunning temples. If any readers have already done this, I would love to hear about your experiences.

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