Try Putting Lipstick on this Pig

Okay, I admit I am a dog lover. My puppy, Dexter, just hit eleven months old and tips the scales at 42 lbs. I support the right of passengers to bring service animals onboard and I really don’t have a problem with emotional support animals, even though I believe it is reaching the point of abuse by some passengers.

But seriously, bringing a pig onboard? You know what they say: When pigs fly…


Well, this pig almost got credit toward elite status on a US Air flight. Amazing that this porker ever got past TSA, much less on an aircraft, but that’s when the fun ended. Someone claimed the pig “became disruptive.” Yes, I am sure it was trying to hog a middle seat using both armrests.

You really can’t fault the passenger for this. After all, she was just trying to bring home the bacon.

Was this a case of being Involuntarily Denied Boarding? It may be, but it’s up to the animal to pursue it. I sure wouldn’t want to be a pig about asking for compensation.

No doubt I have had to endure much worse passenger smells than this pig – some may recall my tweets about Mr. Poopy Pants – and the squeals couldn’t be any worse than some children on an aircraft. My feeling: Let pigs fly, but not poop in the air!

On a more sober note on this beautiful Monday morning from Rio de Janeiro, check out fellow blogger Brian Cohen’s excellent post about the rules for service and emotional support animals.


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