Would You Walk Underwater to Get to the Airport?

Today, the only way to travel between Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ) and the mainland is to use the ferry. Of course, peak times means there may be waits for the next ferry.

Sometimes traffic planners have to come up with creative solutions. That’s why Toronto engineers are planning to open an 800 ft moving walkway under Lake Ontario as an alternative. The public-private partnership estimates it will take six minutes to travel underwater on the moving walkways between the island and the mainland.

Billy Bishop Airport

However, this expensive project is not just for tourists. According to the Airport Tunnel Project, this walkway will also be home to Toronto’s water and sewage mains.

No specific date has been announced for the grand opening, only that it will be sometime next spring. More information can be found on the Toronto Port Authority website.

How do you feel about walking underwater with your luggage to get to the airport?




  1. I traveled to that airport once and did not like waiting for the ferry in the cold of winter. I would have rather walked under the lake…

    …besides — having grown up in New York — I traveled in tunnels under rivers for years via car, subway and train; so it would not bother me in the least.

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