Will Wearable Tech Change Travel Booking?

I see articles all the time like this one promising that NOW is the time for ‘wearable technology’ for travel. Is it just me or is my cynicism justified?

Previously we heard how Google Glass was going to revolutionize travel. Going nowhere, that was replaced by a slew of new watches, none of which does anything for travel. The big thing now, of course, is Apple’s watch. I am something of an Apple geek but seriously, will the travel world suddenly change because of this new watch? Yes, according to some analysts.

The Apple Watch (available in a few months) will be able to store boarding passes, gain access to airport lounges, and open hotel room doors. It is certainly possible someone could also use their watch to access their travel accounts or even book future travel. And of course, it will work with Apple Pay if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Nothing wrong with any of these positive features but – maybe I am the only one here wondering – are these watch gains so important to travelers that they will spend hundreds of dollars on a watch knowing their phones already do all of these things? Not saying wearable tech’s time is not here, just trying to figure out exactly how it will fit in to the travel world.

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