Would You Live on a Cruise Ship?

I have said many times that I enjoy cruising. In fact, I believe I could adjust to living on a ship like The World. Okay, I’m still a few million dollars short of TheWorldthat goal but the next best thing is reading about someone who is living her dream by living onboard year-round.

A veteran of fifty years of marriage and nearly 90 cruises was enough for this 86-year-old woman to return to the seas alone after her husband passed away. With nearly 200 cruises behind her — 15 around the world – this woman lives aboard Crystal Serenity all year long. Even more impressive, she has been living at sea for nearly ten years.

Of course such a life doesn’t come cheap, but it’s not all that expensive either. Well, maybe ‘expensive’ is relative but her annual cost is about $164,000. That covers her room, meals, entertainment, and I would bet the cruise line throws a few more bennies her way. Having a physician onboard also has to provide her with an additional sense of security. If her only other option is some kind of assisted living, this may be an ideal alternative for someone with enough financial resources.

Imagine traveling all over the world, mixing sea days with port days and visiting hundreds of cities a year. You would meet many interesting people, some who might even become longtime friends and future cruise pals.

I could see this as a way of life if it was financially feasible. Could you?


  1. My kind of life except for the certainty of weight gain and the lack of oportunities to MS aboard ship.

  2. Very true. Most if not all the hundreds of crew working on the ship live there too, albeit in much smaller quarters..

  3. I would love to do it, met a couple who is cruising most of the time all year round jump from ship to ship and stay on different port for extended time. They love it and family member join them on cruise for holiday.

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