Orlando International Airport is Growing – Again!

This is wonderful news for travelers as we begin 2015. Well, at least for those whose path includes Orlando International Airport (MCO). This month begins the kickoff of $600 million in airport improvements, the lion’s share of the $1.1 billion they intend to spend to expand the airport.

Orlando International AirportEventually there will be a new terminal and parking lot, another airport hotel, more shopping and eatery opportunities, and a wonderful improvement… better train service. They hope to expand their rail service to have the airport connect not only with the existing SunRail system but also include the popular International Drive area and even passenger service down to Miami. I will be looking forward to the SunRail connection to my suburb.

Some of the upgrades will come to the existing terminals. One thing sorely needed, for example, is baggage claim system upgrades. Another is the poorly designed international arrivals system. Both are on the list for improvements as well as an expansion of the North Terminal.

It will take perhaps five years to build out everything but you should begin to see some changes as soon as a few months from now. Pardon our dust, Orlando International Airport is growing. Again!





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