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When Will TSA Allow the Packing of Pistoles?

TSA Administrator John Pistole finally appeared on Capitol Hill to defend his new policy allowing knives and other items on planes effective April 25, 2013. Needless to say, it was met with the same criticism he has already received from airlines, pilots, flight attendants, and Federal Air Marshals. I won’t argue with Administrator Pistole that the…

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Put Your Knife Away – You Won’t be Traveling with It After All

TSA head John Pistole has dropped his effort to allow small knives, golf clubs and hockey sticks onboard flights according to USA Today. After much criticism from flight attendants, lawmakers, federal air marshals and the traveling public, Pistole decided to leave the prohibited-items list as is. Pistole’s “small knife” exceptions was originally posted here: When Will…

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TSA PreCheck is Expanding

The TSA PreCheck Program currently allows certain elite status passengers and members of Global Entry or related programs to participate in an expedited security procedure. The time savings passing through security at the airport can be thirty minutes or more because these select passengers do not have to remove items like their laptop, shoes, belts,…

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