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When Will American Airlines Become Revenue-Based?

Hard to believe, it’s been over thirty years now since American Airlines introduced their frequent flier program. With a tailwind of success, the other airlines quickly joined in and the Frequent Flier program doors were opened. The industry actually changed a few years earlier with the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. With carriers suddenly competing…

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AA/US FFP Merger by Year End?

I recently read this article from Business Insider about which airline offers the best award redemption rates. While I generally agree with their conclusions here, it should be pointed out that their angst toward Delta Air Lines is a little misguided. Yes, Delta has long been the devil for award travel but beginning next year…

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Update: Those Phony US Airlines Letters

A few months ago I wrote about these letters that most of us have received in the mail. You know, the ones that tell you about earning free travel with US Airlines or maybe Delta SkyMarbles or something. Of course, at best they are misleading and at worst they are fraudulent. Incredibly, no one – not…

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