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Pack your own washcloth!

Many hotels in Europe do not provide washcloths in the rooms. Bath towels and hand towels are always available, but do not count on having a washcloth. I have stayed at many hotels through Europe and never noticed an absentee washcloth before, but recently had a shared experience with several female travelers at a hotel…

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A Great Touristy Day … Right Near Home

How many of us have tourist attractions right near where we live that we almost never go to?  I live in between Disney World and Daytona Beach and rarely get to either.  When I lived in Chicago, I stayed in suburbia and seldom ventured down to State Street or Michigan Avenue.  Granted, I am only home one to two…

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A Fun New Restaurant in Houston’s IAH Airport Has Me Coming Back Again!

I am not usually excited about airport restaurants, but there is a new restaurant in the Houston airport that definitely has been getting my business.  Le Grand Comptoir Wine and Food Bar is in Houston’s Intercontinental (IAH) airport in Continental’s Terminal C.  It opened several  months ago and it has become my go-to restaurant for…

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Bon Voyage: From The English Channel to The Mediterranean Sea

The horns are blowing. The big band is playing below and people are waving goodbye to them. There is excitement from all the balconies.  The ship is pulling away from the dock.  The Grand Princess has just embarked on a 14-day journey through Europe, and my husband and I am amongst the many fortunate passengers…

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