Travelers’ Favorite: CNN

For all the many years I have traveled (40+ weeks each year), I have relied on CNN to keep me up-to-date with the happenings of the world. No matter where I travel, CNN is like an old friend…always there for me and always reliable (sounds like my dog, also!). But seriously, most travelers I talk with say that they tune into CNN while on the road as their primary news source.  While the city, state or country may change, the news show stays the same. For many of us, we like this reliability. Watching local news shows is great for traffic and weather reports, but it can be difficult to relate to the local news. Headline News (now HLN) is great for quick updates on the news that we can get before leaving our hotel rooms in the morning, and CNN International is there for us as we travel the globe. 

Since I have been watching CNN for so many years, I was excited to take the tour of the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta today.  

Atlanta 013

While I did not run into the real Larry King or Wolf Blitzer (just their cardboard look-alikes), Atlanta 016it was great to see the studios where so many of their shows are broadcast from.  And when CNN comes calling and has me, the Smart Woman Traveler, on their show, I am already familiar with their studios!

What was very interesting during the CNN tour was seeing several producers at their desks busy with Twitter and Facebook. Not once in our walk-through did we see any of them pick up their telephones. The system for discovering and reporting on the news has certainly changed with the influx of social media. 

You can follow @CNN and @CNNBrk for breaking news on Twitter and the CNN Fan Page on Facebook.

And CNN, contact me at @smartwomentrav to schedule road warrior stories from the female perspective!


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