Simple Trick to Reduce Ironing in Your Hotel Room

Hate having to iron in your hotel room?

Here’s a very simple trick to help pull wrinkles out of slacks: Simply hang your slacks using the hotel’s clip hangers, then take another hanger and clip it upside down to the bottom of the slacks. The weight of the hanger helps pull out the wrinkles. Much easier than ironing.

Trouser Tip

It may not perfectly pull out all the wrinkles, though it is usually good enough to keep me from pulling the iron out of the closet.

I also hang my slacks at the far end of the shower rod while taking my morning shower. This gives a few minutes of steam to slacks or blouses/shirts and this can also help reduce the wrinkling.

Here’s another use for hotel hangers: Hanger Curtain Trick.


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  1. Nice tip. I do this at times but didn’t think to weigh them down with another hanger. I also will sometimes turn on the shower for a couple minutes at night in the winter to increase the humidity in the room to improve my sleep in dry weather.

  2. This really is a great tip.

    the other is to use the towel you dry yourself with and put it on the ironing board. The moisture from the towel makes ironing much easier

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