Timing is everything. Only one day after I wrote this article stating that Uber was not in Las Vegas, they began service in Las Vegas. Last night I spent 90 minutes writing an update with a nice workaround for the Uber restrictions. All of that was in vain as I learned this morning the Uber service was dismantled after a Carson City judge signed an order preventing Uber from offering any service until at least November 7th. Sometimes writing is challenging.

It’s always been pretty obvious how powerful the taxi lobby is in Nevada but how serious are they about Read More…

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In an interview with the Miami Herald, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker announced that the carrier will begin non-stop service to Frankfurt next year, as well as adding additional domestic flights. This is great news for Miami International Airport which very much wants to fill their international terminal to capacity, already seen as the Gateway to Latin America.

American Airlines

The timing was nice since this was the 25th anniversary of establishing Miami as an AA hub. But there was one disappointment obvious to the editors and reporters on hand. Read More…

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Quite a few years ago now, I needed a new cellphone but I didn’t want an iPhone. Sure, my husband had one as did all of our kids, but I wanted something different. Two hours later I returned home. With an iPhone. Since then I have added updated models, an iPad, and a Mac Air so I guess I am kind of iHooked.

iPhone 6

Everyone has different features they most like about the new iPhone 6 but for me, one of them was the long awaited Apple Pay. As I said in a previous post, this has the potential to be a real game breaker for processing purchases. Would it really be possible to Read More…

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A couple years ago I enjoyed New Year’s Eve in Orvieto, Italy. It was extraordinary, and a bit expensive, but nothing like what the Marriott Marquis is offering for this year’s New Year’s Eve.

For only $50,000, the hotel is inviting you to New York to enjoy three nights in one of their presidential suites and includes a hair and makeup stylist for New Year’s Eve. Not wanting to appear to be cheap, the price also includes daily breakfast and their New Year’s gala event. They will even Read More…

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Close-Up Of Finger PrintI know, what does flying biometrics even mean? Are there weird biometrics flying around us? Is this some kind of new band? Sorry, I didn’t know exactly how to word the title but what I am talking about is the evolution of biometrics related to the airline and airport industry.

It is easy to remember the days when electronic tickets replaced paper tickets and more recently, when boarding passes began downloading into our phones. So what do airlines do for an encore?


Alaska Air (AS) wants to make it easier for travelers. Their plan is to use your fingerprint to replace your other identification. Before you thumb your nose at this, look at some of the advantages. Probably at the top of the list is never having to worry about forgetting your boarding pass or elite status card. Really, it’s kind of hard to rush to the airport without your fingers. Alaska already uses a fingerprint scanner at their Boardroom lounges. Apparently it is well received, with more than 90% rating it “good” or “great”.

Since fingerprints can identify a specific individual, they could be used at airport check-in, again at boarding, and even for inflight purchases. One day it may identify passengers and their bags. On a greater scale, fingerprints may eventually get us through TSA security and replace the paper passport.

Alaska claims they do not store this information when you use their scanner but Read More…

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UberLogoI have said before that I like Uber. No, they are not perfect but the app-based system is far better than trying to hail a taxi in many cities and paying by credit card is much more convenient. And yes, another Uber benefit is that they are typically less expensive than city taxis, sometimes much so.

Not surprising, ride-sharing companies have caught the attention of local governments that oversee the taxi industry. The quandary is simple: Virtually all taxi companies are regulated and there are numerous fees. Translation: The government makes money off them. On the other hand, some local politicians see ride-sharing services as “rogue” operations that avoid all these fees. Not fair, they say.

Uber always responds with the same mantra: Read More…

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This article reminded me of the recent Wi-Fi survey sponsored by Honeywell. In their second annual survey, Honeywell tells us that about two-thirds of passengers look for Wi-Fi when selecting a flight. The article slightly misstates that almost 30% will change flights to standby to have better Wi-Fi. The survey actually said that 29% would be willing to fly standby only if the Wi-Fi was as fast as they had at home.

Based on my experience over the past few years with Wi-Fi – and admittedly I am a big fan of Read More…

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I like talking about futuristic travel which is why I wrote about it here and here and here. Now comes this study by ARUP, the UK-based international engineering and consulting firm, examining train travel in the year 2050. It is hard to deny some of their projections like 75% of the world’s population of 9.5 million people will live in cities. Absent catastrophic disease, famine, or world war, many futurists agree with this number of people on the planet 35 years from now.

But are they right about train travel? Well, they are certainly correct that outside the U.S., there is a much great commitment to high speed rail and the world’s leading supporter today is China. There is no reason to believe that will not continue into the foreseeable future.

Of course, one advantage of train stations vs airports is size. Read More…

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Most travelers have heard of the Do Not Fly list maintained by TSA. In fact the information is so public today, you can see who is on the list. Technically called the No-Fly List, I hope you are not one of the nearly 100,000 who have earned their place here.

But there is another government list that hasn’t received much attention. Read More…

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The Orlando taxi companies, as well as local government, have developed a lot of angst with Uber and Lyft in a very brief period of time. City leaders are now designing a plan that, in their opinion, levels the playing field among those who transport passengers.

The first thing Orlando will do is create a new category for these ride-sharing businesses. The second thing, of course, is Read More…

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Ebola is still the news of the day but what impact will it have on corporate travel? The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) surveyed 421 corporate travel managers last week. Eighty percent said that the recent Ebola news would have little or no impact on international travel while ninety percent said the same about domestic travel. Put another way, 20% said this news about Ebola will Read More…

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