Hate having to iron in your hotel room?

Here’s a very simple trick to help pull wrinkles out of slacks: Simply hang your slacks using the hotel’s clip hangers, then take another hanger and clip it upside down to the bottom of the slacks. The weight of the hanger helps pull out the wrinkles. Much easier than ironing.

Trouser Tip

It may not perfectly pull out all the wrinkles, though it is usually good enough to keep me from pulling the iron out of the closet.

I also hang my slacks at the far end of the shower rod while taking my morning shower. This gives a few minutes of steam to slacks or blouses/shirts and this can also help reduce the wrinkling.

Here’s another use for hotel hangers: Hanger Curtain Trick.


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I’m not the only one away from my loved one on Valentine’s Day. There are many of us.

The guy at the next table sports a wedding ring, a bottle of beer and a movie on his laptop. Another traveler across the room, who reminds me of George Castanza of Seinfeld, has his iPad, glass of red wine and his plate of hors d’oeuvres from the Marriott Executive Lounge’s evening snack offerings.

Marriott Lounge Valentines Day

As for me, I’ve got my glass of red as well, having just wished my husband a Happy Valentine’s Day via FaceTime.

And that’s just a few of us sitting on one executive lounge in one hotel in one city. Imagine how many more of us there are, traveling solo due to business and away from home today.

(In case you’re reading this in the U.S. and wondering about all the alcohol being consumed in seemingly the late morning or early afternoon, I’m writing from Copenhagen where it is already evening time.)

Being away from home on special occasions is the toughest. Here are some ideas I shared on a previous Valentine’s Day when I was also traveling for business: Ideas for Valentine’s Day Celebrations Across the Miles.

For this Valentine’s Day, my husband made it as special as he could by tucking a couple of Valentine Cards in my laptop bag and having a dozen stunningly-beautiful roses delivered to my hotel room.


Valentine's Day Roses

When traveling for business, you just have to be flexible with special occasions. Celebrate when you can. Celebrate in whatever way you can. Be grateful for the opportunity to be able to travel.

And be very grateful for a hotel executive lounge so you don’t have to dine solo in crowded restaurants with couples holding hands everywhere you look tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Copenhagen!

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It is common in many states that parents who are behind in their child support payments may have their driver’s license suspended and/or a hold placed on their passport. Now IRS is getting into the same mode with a plan that if you fail to pay your taxes timely, they want to place a hold on your passport or even worse, revoke your passport altogether.

Before you go into panic mode, note that the minimum liability will be $50,000.

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For many people, Airbnb has some advantages over hotels. Users of the service often end up with nicer accommodations that are more central to their AirBNBLogodestination. Oh, and there is that nice advantage that they are usually less expensive than nearby hotels, in part because they haven’t been charging guests the typically 10-18% taxes that hotels are required to pass along.

Beginning soon, those days will be coming to an end for Airbnb. The startup has agreed to Read More…

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Hard to believe it’s been about five years since Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary proposed offering passengers standing room only instead of seats. Of course, this is the same carrier that proposed having only one pilot in the cockpit to save money. Fortunately both ideas went down the same drain.

But according to this article, O’Leary wasn’t the first to propose having passengers stand while flying. No, they say the honor goes to Read More…

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Much of the fun of travel is exploring new foods. Sure, some of us opt for less expensive meals in a hotel room equipped with kitchens but for most travelers, we take in local food experiences. Thanks to Zagat’s most recent survey, we have some insight about dining across America.

So what kinds of foods do we like? Overall, the first choice is Read More…

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Meetings & Conventions Checklist

The topic of tipping is often a subject of travelers’ conversations. We all have our opinions and our habits on how we tip, who we tip and how much we tip.
Just think about the last time you were out to dinner with friends and everyone got separate checks — ever taken a glance at what Read More…

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I recently posted the TripAdvisor list of Top 25 hotels. Now comes a similar list from U.S. News & World Report. Actually the latter is much more detailed, breaking down the best of the top hotels in North American countries and many international cities. They even include a list of best hotel brands.

Many people are interested in the ranking of best hotels in the U.S. so that’s a good place to begin. They even offer a link to find the best in each state.


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PEKWhen most people think of Beijing and airports, their first thought is Beijing Capital International (PEK). Much less well known is Beijing Nanyuan Airport (NAY), a domestic airport serving only China United Airlines. According to this article, the Chinese capital will be adding a third airport. Set to begin operations in 2018, planners are including a 41-mile Read More…

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It seemed to take forever but the arcane federal law known as the Wright Amendment finally arrived at death’s door last year. As predicted, this has proved to be a windfall for Dallas Love Field (DAL). How much of a windfall? The numbers are impressive.

Air traffic at DAL is exploding and it is not just because it is the home of Southwest Airlines. While the carrier is increasing flights at a healthy pace, so are other airlines. For example, United Airlines traffic was up Read More…

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This is going to be a painful year for hotel room rate increases. A few weeks ago I said

“The average daily rate for hotels increased over 4% each of the past three years. Freitag expects the increase in 2015 to be higher, about 5%. My projection is this will be a bit property-specific but I expect some to raise their rates 6% or more if they have had exceptional occupancy this year, more so if pre-bookings are high.”

Now according to this article, it looks like some cities are already Read More…

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