What’s This Thief Going to Do with Airline Pillows?

In the Amsterdam airport’s KLM lounge this morning, it was a packed house. I was in the farthest corner away from the entrance and every seat around me was full.

The crowd dwindled after the early morning rush and it was one man and me in the far corner of the room. I walked off to get a cup of tea.

He must have wanted to take advantage of the privacy to admire his stolen wares, in this case two airline pillows. Though his privacy didn’t last long because it doesn’t take long to make a cup of tea.

I came back to our corner area as he was making adjustments to his luggage contents. Airline pillows? Really? And not the business class size pillows. No, he nabbed the economy-sized pillows with the paper thin pillow cases.

Yuck, who would want these? Ok, I guess he does, though I didn’t have the nerve to ask him why. Maybe additions to his bedroom duvet set? A gift from his travels to his wife? Sofa pillows? Perhaps for his cat? Or for his kid’s science experiment to try to determine the countless germs and their sources? Maybe just for his next flight in economy? Now I’ll never know.

Would this be a travel souvenir you’d want? I would have said ABSOLUTELY NOT! until I wrote the previous paragraph. The science experiment has merit.

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  1. First time flyer with a Lounge-Access ticket class? No clue… In the end, there is a REASON that those pillows are considered single-use items; his just does not know it yet… It happens!

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