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Hotheaded Hookers in Hialeah?

According to the complaint filed in Federal court, last year a New Jersey couple was visiting a W Hotel in South Miami Beach. Allegedly in the evening, the attractive 34-year-old wife, called a socialite in some articles, was attacked and severely beaten by others in the hotel. According to the couple, those attackers (as many as ten of them) were, uh, ladies of the evening who allegedly believed that this woman was a ‘competitor’. The New Jersey couple also allege that they asked the hotel employees for assistance keeping the attackers there until police arrived but instead, the employees helped them get taxis to get away. Not surprising, the employees claim they do not know any of these attackers.

If true, most certainly a horrible event but this is only part of the story. In the most recent development, the plaintiffs further argue that this evening service is not an isolated case. Their private investigator, complete with video, claims they can prove that the W Hotel chain – and by default, Starwood Properties – uses many of the W properties across the country as a place to, uh, help and relieve their guests in the evening with some outside assistance.

We can’t see any of this video – or any video that the hotel may have had at the time related to the attack – because the federal judge sealed those documents. Perhaps just as well, they would no doubt be on YouTube within five minutes if the judge released them to the public.

The case was filed originally in New Jersey, presumably because that’s where the plaintiff couple lives. However, they requested a change of venue to South Florida where the attack happened. That request was denied in another ruling,

Disclosure: I have stayed in some upscale hotels. While I do not know anyone who has availed themselves of similar services, this kind of activity is very common outside the U.S. It is not that unusual to imagine a traveling hotel guest asking the assistance of a front desk clerk or concierge service for a helping hand, particularly at upscale hotels where the guests presumably have more money. I do have an extremely difficult time imagining that there is some type of national conspiracy among all the W Hotels working together toward this endeavor so not sure of the relevance of their videos. That said, similar hotel services like this are certainly not limited to the W by any means.

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