Are You Ready for Wearable Travel Tech?

Based on a recent survey, it seems most travelers are ready for wearable tech. A whopping 77% said they are ready for it if it helps them with their travels.

The survey had 6,300 participants from 15 countries. They tell us, for example, that 97% of their respondents carries either a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. A bit more surprising; 20% travel with all three items. This suggests a lot of business travelers in their response mix.

But that doesn’t reconcile with the fact that only 76% use airline apps. Less than half (43%) say this has improved their travel while even more (53%) want to receive personalized travel alerts on their devices. Half of respondents want to be able to use their smartphones for boarding while more than half (57%) want airport maps and directions.

Respondents were also almost equally divided on things like inflight Wi-Fi (56%), using their phones inflight (54%), and even making food or duty-free purchases (45%).

Sharing location information is a much more personal issue. While 72% are willing to do it if there are more personalized services, only 40% would be agreeable for things like reducing airport queues. Nearly a third of participants were willing to share their location in return for commercial offers.

The survey was sponsored by SITA, an international communications and information technology firm.

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