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Marriott Timeshare Points Program Lawsuit Dismissed

A Marriott Vacation Club timeshare owner filed a Federal lawsuit seeking class action status and claiming that when Marriott introduced their points program a few years ago, it reduced the value of his investment. He alleged that the number of people using the timeshare as a swap was reduced because of the points.

Marriott argued that buying points was beneficial to their customers because it offers them more flexibility. Of course, the points for each property vary depending on things like size of the unit, location, and season. Marriott Clubs even offer an elite status program.

Moreover, Marriott stated that the timeshare owner was offered an opportunity to buy into the points program for $595 but he declined. In addition, they argued that their contract states that

“market forces and alternative program opportunities may impact the number of timeshare estates available for exchange.”

Most important, Marriott acknowledged that their rules changed but made an argument very familiar in all lawsuits regarding loyalty programs – their rules state that they can change the rules anytime.

After listening to both sides, a Federal judge dismissed the timeshare owner’s lawsuit, saying he “got what he was promised.”


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