Travel Table for $7

Saw an ad last week for a travel table. You know, the kind of thing that opens up, attaches to your carry-on bag, and becomes a table. Some of them are better than others. Not saying this is the best one made but it is the only one I know that sells for less than $7. And it includes free shipping.

Travel TableThe size when opened is 17″ x 14″ x 1.5″ – not quite as large as the advertised size – and the maximum weight it can hold is 15 lbs. However, the traveling size is 8.5″ x 14″ x 3″ because it folds in half. If you have a carry-on bag with a front pocket, this table will slip in there very easily. Unfold the table and it is large enough to hold a 14″ laptop and a mouse. It even has cooling vents on the bottom.

Travel Table

There are many uses for this travel table besides holding a laptop. Examples include using it for a tablet tray instead of a laptop, using it as a table for eating, even a changing table for a small baby. Another possibility is an add-on table in a hotel room. This might also be handy for those who bring rolling bags to trade shows and seminars. And of course, you can use it on your lap instead of attaching it to a carry-on bag.

But there are some downsides. It is a bit bulky and does increase your carry-on weight. My digital scale says it weighs 1.14 lbs.

Note it will not work well if you have the type of carry-on bag that tends to tip forward. The more weight you attempt to put on this table, the more likely it will tip forward on you. If you use a 4-wheel spinner type of bag, make sure it won’t roll away from you. I was very comfortable using it as a laptop table with a mouse. When I was using the laptop keyboard, however, it was a little shaky. Obviously it can’t be as steady as a stationary tabletop.

The setup may be a little confusing based on the included instructions. They supposedly have a video online but the website was not working when I tried. However, I found a video on YouTube if you need help.

Not trying to sell you on this – and certainly not making any money on it – just offering a head’s up if you were thinking about an inexpensive travel table. I have no idea how long this price will last but it would not surprise me if this is a closeout, meaning they may keep this price (or maybe even lower it) until they sell out. If you are interested, you can buy it directly from the merchant online. You can also order it through Amazon but it will still be shipped through the merchant link I posted.


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