Tips on Courteous Tipping

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The topic of tipping is often a subject of travelers’ conversations. We all have our opinions and our habits on how we tip, who we tip and how much we tip.
Just think about the last time you were out to dinner with friends and everyone got separate checks — ever taken a glance at what each friend wrote in for the tip? Restaurant tipping is easy compared to so many other potential tipping situations.

For a recent edition of Meetings & Conventions magazine, I offered some of my tips on tipping.

It would be really nice if there was a firm set of rules on tipping for each country, for each circumstance, but there isn’t. Even nicer would be to eliminate tipping altogether and have the typical amount of gratuity added to the workers’ wages. Both will take mountains being moved to make it happen.

So until mountains are moved, hopefully a tip or two in this article will help you in your travels.

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  1. I need somebody to explain why I need to tip hotel maids to do their job, as nobody tips me whilst I do my job, I am a nurse.

    Holidays are quite expensive, hence why not everyone can do them staying in a hotel, eating out daily etc.

    If I am giving a maid $3 daily and I am there for a wk thats $21. If they clean 10 rooms thats $210 they make on top of their wages tax free. They usually clean much more than 10 especially in larger hotels. Generally I have found that my room is no cleaner, nor do I get more than others so whats the point?

    In some countries tipping is frowned upon, so why is it taken as a given event?

    Can anybody help me to understand.

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