It’s NOT All About Shampoo!

When the survey requesting your input on your desired hotel amenities was created, I was wondering where the desire for quality shampoos and conditioners would show up on the list. This is the item that most often comes up in casual conversations about what we're looking for in our hotels. While this may be number one in girl-talk, it was the ability to be connected and get our work done that was the most requested item.

In-room wi-fi without the added charge is what you're asking for as our number #1 ranked item. You'd rather have the cost added into the hotel rate than to see it as an extra line item on your bill. If traveling for business, these extra line items may not be expensed and they can be maddening, especially when we're connecting online to be in touch with our families and friends who we are away from while traveling.

So hotels — listen to what Smart Women Travelers are requesting and include wi-fi at no 'extra' charge. Add printers and web conference ability and we are even happier.

Now back to the quality shampoos and conditioners – this ranked #2 in our survey results. We want great lathering shampoos where a little goes a long way and leaves us with luxurious hair. No more watered down variety shampoos where one wash needs the entire bottle and we still don't feel clean.

The most frequently requested write-in desire – a strong hair dryer. We want wattage! We are in a hurry and we need a powerful hair dryer to get us on our way (and untangled cords that we don't spend precious minutes uncurling before we can even use the dryer).

Our #3 ranked item is our safety. Security in the hotel and in our rooms is very important to us (though I guess not as important as great shampoos!). This includes hotel escorts if we arrive late or leave very early, strong locks on our doors, and cameras in hallways and main areas.

I recently spoke with a pilot for American Airlines and one of her safety rituals is to cover up the peep-hole in our hotel room door with tissue (in case the peep-hole was reversed so someone could look in), as well as checking the room upon entry for anyone in the closet, shower on behind the curtains. 

Other top items, in order requested, include:

  • Close proximity to shopping
  • Sleep aid items (eye mask, ear plugs, white noise music and/or lavender spray)
  • Free breakfast (and a nice on-property restaurant for dinner)
  • Comfortable beds with a down duvet and quality sheets
  • Robe and slippers
  • Plush towels
  • Nice soft toilet paper
  • Lots of electrical outlets

Overall, we want to feel like we're at home when we stay in a hotel. And since we travel frequently, it is very important to us to have these basics.

If you have experienced a great hotel with these amenities, let us know! The hotel will get added into our travel resource section on Smart Women Travelers.

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