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World of Chocolate Museum Giveaway

Museums are a fun and interesting part of travel and I just learned of a museum in Orlando that sounds like it would be a great time – the World of Chocolate Museum. Yes, chocolate! I received this letter and package from the museum so thought I’d share since many of you travel to Orlando for conferences…

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Pilot Your Own Lamborghini With Exotic Driving Experience

“This car is unlike anything you’ve ever driven,” my instructor said over the roar of a 560 horsepower engine. That could be the understatement of the year. I was driving a Lamborghini Gallardo around the inside track of Daytona International Speedway, and kept saying to myself, “Wow, he’s not kidding.” Of course this didn’t happen…

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The ULTIMATE Travel Destination?

I travel very frequently but it is a rare destination that would be called exotic. Some are pretty exciting, but at least by my definition, calling a location ‘exotic’ is saved for things like a landing on Antarctica, trekking across the Serengeti, or climbing the world’s highest mountains. Perhaps all of them will be removed…

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San Antonio: What to Do, Where to Eat, and Where to Stay

Deep in the heart of Texas lies San Antonio, the 2nd largest city in Texas and the nation’s 7th largest. I recently took a break from my business travel lifestyle and switched into vacation mode, visiting both downtown San Antonio and the surrounding area. I crammed a lot into a few short days, but if…

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