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What Kind of Traveler Are You?

It’s always fun to plan future travel. Coming up with an idea of where to go and what to do AND have everyone agree can often be a challenge. Here’s a tool that determines your travel personality and can recommend appropriate travel choices – the Plog Travel Personality Quiz located at www.besttripchoices.com.

The Plog Travel Personality Quiz was developed by Dr. Stanley C. Plog who received his doctorate from Harvard University. The concepts are scientifically validated and based on 40 years of continuous research involving over 250,000 people who have taken the quiz. I think you will find the quiz interesting and fun and you may also learn something about yourself. There are six different categories of travelers and you’ll be given your results immediately after answering a quick 15 questions.

My results: I’m a Mid Venturer. Some things about this type of traveler (all very accurate, by the way):

. . . You like to travel, especially to foreign destinations and you seek new experiences and new destinations for almost all trips you take.

. . . you like a comfortable bed at night, a warm shower (Oh Yes! No camping for this smart woman traveler!)

. . . I listen to friends and read to learn about the hidden, but interesting out of the way places that others have not yet become popular or have only recently gotten some publicity. (No chain restaurants for this girl. Only one-of-a-kind eateries that offer local cuisine, friendly people and lots of charm.)

. . .even your media habits don’t follow the norm. Typically you read more than most — books, magazines and newspapers — and watch TV less. (How does Dr. Plog know that I almost never turn on my television in my hotel room?)

So take 5 minutes and find out what kind of traveler you are (and have your travel mates take the test also). The questions are quick and easy. The results will give you fun things to talk about, and provide you with a short-list of places to visit in 2010. And maybe you’ll even find that you and your family members really are compatible travelers!

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