Why I Feel Like Goldilocks


I am starting to have as many suitcases as I do laptop bags! I feel like Goldilocks and The 4 Bags – trying out each bag to find the one that is just right. Though the ‘right’ luggage is different depending on the length of my trip. Here’s my collection of bags and when I use each one, along with what I like (and not like) about each. This week I’m using my brand new Hartman 22” Tweed Mobile Traveler (compliments of Delta for my million-miler gift). Beautiful in design and functionality… just way too heavy for me to get into the overhead bin. Will Goldilocks ever find the perfect luggage?

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  1. I travel a lot for business (200 days a year) and I finally found my perfect set. I got the Brighton luggage set in red and I love it..I am tempted to say that it was designed by a smart woman traveler!! I kept seeing the stores at the airport finally went in one time and I was hooked..happy travels!

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